Are you being the real you?

Posted: April 27, 2011 in My Ramblings
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Yes boys and girls the question is, Are you being the real you? I have come time and time again across the MASKED men and women.  Why oh why do we do this? Are we too afraid to show the world the true self? Have you ever changed who you really are to fit in with a group of friends?

If you have answered yes to any one of these question, you might want to rethink your life’s strategy. One day you will not be able to keep up the acting and people will start realising that you are just a fake. Or maybe you will wake up one day wondering, why you hanging out with a bunch of people whom you have nothing in common, or why you even around them to start off. Spare yourself the trouble, be yourself.

If you ever too scared of being yourself because you think that you will be alone in this world, please slap yourself. There is a lot of people in this world and I promise you there will be at least one person who would still love to be around you if you are yourself. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to stop the bogus acting?

Now the fun part: for those out there that would do the rain dance and standing on your head to please the other party in a love triangle, read on… Be yourself, from the start when it comes to relationships. The funny thing is it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. If you try and be someone that you not really just to please the other half, it will eventually catch up with you one day. The whole fake mask being put on when going on dates is ridiculous, why do we do this? Afraid of rejection? It will save everyone a lot of time and effort, if we all just be ourselves right from the start.

You don’t have to change yourself to please someone, don’t ever feel like you have to bow down to the king of influence! Be yourself and best of all be true to yourself. Like the awesome pic above states: SOMETIMES I pretend to be Normal. But it gets boring… so i go back to being me. Just be you from the start!

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  1. Ivan says:

    Great post!

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