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Cutman Log: Weekend update

Posted: January 9, 2011 in My Ramblings

I must say, this weekend was awesome! Apart from the raining weather and coldness preventing us from having a real summer weekend with swimming and outdoor fun, it was pretty awesome! 

We had loads of pancakes!! I love pancakes Smile My wife made the best pancakes! Just don’t forget the Sunday lunch, Roast Chicken and veggies. Njumies!

Installed Live messenger 2011 for the first time, must say it is pretty cool. Love the Facebook chat integration it has, that could proof useful in the future.

And now we have to close this weekend chapter and get ready for one hectic week ahead.


-Signing out


My Happy New Year to you!

Posted: January 5, 2011 in My Ramblings

Well, happy new year to you! may all your dreams and ambitions come true this year.

I decided that this year is the year of healthy living! Time for exercises and to get into shape! Time to spend more time with the family. My new years resolution will be, “Charity starts at home!”

Need to mend some broken fences and take the new year by the horns!

-Till Later