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Came across this cool linux distro with looooooads of cool tools to use. If you into this sort of security testing 😉 then this piece of software is for you!


I find it quite sad how up to scratch the security at selected South African banks are. We have had some insane problems from one bank, my wife was able to access all her details in the branch without the Teller even asking one security question or even asking for identification. Doesn’t that just make you warm and fuzzy to know that all your hard earned money is being kept safe in the paws of the big giants, the people you actually paying to keep it for you. If for some odd reason someone steals money out of your account and you try and reason with the bank, they just simply say “Not our problem, you were suppose to keep your details safe.” they don’t take any responsibility.

I think there must be a higher power out there that should go around to the banks and try and access certain information from accounts. If they are able to do so without any security question or identification, those banks must pay heavy fines, or get closed down!